Ransack for Russian partnership or get a customized turnkey

Russia is the country where you can dream big and act big. However it is like an upscale nightclub — high entrance fee and tough bouncers.

Self-reliant entering the Russian market is a suicide mission for a small or midsized foreign industrial company. The hindrances are many: from the trivial language barrier, bureaucracy and corruption to sophisticated mentality gap. Very often in Russia reasonable terms of supply, high quality of products or good prices aren’t determinatives of choice of a supplier.

Any way you slice it, you need to seek help from an allied local — regional agent or dealer. The question is, how to find either?

On the Internet

The most low-budget solution is to find over the Internet a Russian company dealing in the products adjacent to yours and engage it in cooperation. So you will only communicate with your agent through email or Skype.

Merits Demerits
Seeming saving All the rest
(E.g.: Huge translation and interpreting expenses; cross-cultural communication challenges; lack of agent’s activity control discrediting your brand name; sales spontaneity, no plans, no stats; your virtual dealer can even draw you into problems with the law)

Thus, this one is the most expensive and hazardous solution. Your amateur approach will certainly get you a bad reputation.

Meet an ally at a trade fair

A face-to-face talk helps you get a better view of how professional and assertive your would-be dealer is. This option is more efficient, no doubt.

Merits Demerits
You know your will-be dealer personally You have to pay for the localization of all dealer’s materials, which will cost you a fortune. Otherwise, if the dealer pays for everything, you will be hardly ever able to control their activity.
A face-to-face talk helps you get a clearer view of how competent your will-be dealer is. You cannot control your dealers’ activity, you can only rely on their honesty and urge to raise money from your sales.
The company is well-to-do enough to pay for the exhibition stand. Upon termination of the dealership agreement you will lose all your contacts at once as in Russia mid-level seniors are likely to be procurement decision makers. They will simply switch to another easier and nearer supplier.
Your agent or dealer can easily disclose the customer database or strategic details to your competitors or start working for them. Your information is not protected.

Buy the W2R turnkey dealer network package

Marketing complex solutions for a foreign company to expand to the Russian market

”Welcome to Russia” is a multistage customer oriented project, which assumes transparency of all actions, regular reporting, variability and easy customizability of campaign implementation: from translating promotional texts to turnkey dealer network start-up.

While we’ll be doing our job you can focus on product upgrading, new developments and sales increasing.

W2R remains your eyes and ears in Russia, while you manage your dealer network independently.

  • Searching for potential dealers across Russia and CIS countries;
  • Short-listing suitable dealer job candidates and clearing the list with you;
  • Helping conclude dealer / agency / finder’s agreements;
  • Dealer’s website updating and support;
  • W2R Dealer’s Package (all office start-up and operation materials localized and designed to reflect your brand identity);
  • Transparent reporting system implementation (bilingual);
  • Language support;
  • Translation of dealers’ reports;
  • Marketing and accounting support;
  • Exhibitions and trade fairs notifications;
  • Complete stand arrangement for a foreign exhibitor and its local dealers at trade fairs in Moscow, Saint Petersburg or elsewhere in Russia — from signing in, stand design and construction, picking exhibitor’s representatives up at the airport and their accommodation, to promo prints and technical interpreting;
  • Quick translation of your periodical publications (marketing letters, news, hot offers, event reports, and etc.)

You will be the master of situation, who sets tasks and monitors the performance.

Remember, dealers work for themselves, W2R works for you!