Industrial Exhibition in Russia as an opportunity to assert your company

Every year dozens of industrial exhibitions are held in the largest Russian cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and Yekaterinburg. It is a great opportunity for a foreign company planning to expand and develop in the Russian market to assert itself.

It is important to remember, however, that the competition even in the relatively new market segments is rather high. So, in order to maximize the participation in the Russian exhibition, it is necessary to thoroughly prepare for this event.

The most reasonable solution for the economical director would be to delegate the professionals from Russia who know the local rules, mentality and business culture to prepare the participation of the foreign firm in the Russian exhibition.

We offer a full organization and coordination of your company’s participation in the Russian industrial exhibition.

We will:

  • Pre- select the most suitable for you options from the exhibition calendar according to your annual marketing plan;
  • Execute all necessary documents to register your participation, preparation and construction of the exhibit stand/ booth, your company’s representatives arrival and accommodation;
  • Send invitations to 100 or more target clients; plan and fix appointments with your potential customers or partners;
  • Give you a professional interpreter for communication in the language you prefer;
  • Select and instruct the necessary support staff: a booth coordinator, a hostess and promotion personnel (BTL);
  • We will prepare for you all the promotional materials in two or more languages (including the layout design, printing /production and delivery to the venue);
  • Organize the entertainment program and leisure;
  • Place a multilingual report on the exhibition on our site and give you the right to use the text and photos.

You will trust us a complex arrangement of your participation, and we will guarantee an efficient performance, tangible response of the audience and great pricing proposals.