Taking part in the SPIK-2014 Internet Conference

May 24, 2014, Saint Petersburg saw the SPIK-2014 Internet Conference open. Our W2R-China project manager visited the venue to pick up the freshest trends in the online advertizing industry and up-to-date solutions for web-based sellers.

SPIK-2014 Internet Conference

With ever-increasing popularity and population of social networking services the SMM — Social Media Marketing — is rapidly coming to the fore of the online advertizing strategy.

Social media account management has recently become a powerful online marketing tool. Social networking and microblogging services house uncountable numbers of users. For instance, Russian VKontakte (literally “in touch”) — the second largest social network service in Europe — totals over 90 million users and is still growing. SMM covers huge audience and, through skillful account management, extracts target segments.

How it works with W2R

Your personal outsourcing SMM managers administrate a social media advertizing campaign for your product or brand promotion. Their goal is to increase your Russian-language website’s targeted traffic and search engine rating.