Package solutions

Bestseller communication materials and online advertizing

Cost-effective standard solution

Net cash via an electronic payment system or Western Union

Non-cash payment from a legal entity

Twofold leaflet in Russian (vector formatting included) €30,00 (text + editing customer’s vector template)
€95,00 (text + vector designing from scratch)
€40,00 (text + editing customer’s vector template)
€140,00 (text + vector designing from scratch)
Ten slide Power Point bilingual presentation (PPS design included) €80,00 €95,00
One A4 page PDF company outline in Russian €20,00 €25,00
Three localized product range 250-word web pages (priced per 3 word count units) €30,00 €40,00
Five catalogue A4 pages translated and originally formatted €60,00 €70,00
E-commerce landing page in Russian (turnkey creation) €75,00 €95,00

Starter Package — €999,00

First impressions are half the battle

Ideal as business trip and trade show communications, it is a budget-friendly set of all necessary promotional aids.

  • Bilingual product catalogue up to 40 pages (Russian & English)
  • Business card translation (5 people)
  • Advert leaflet (twofold leaflet in Russian) (translation attached for content control purposes)
  • Website localization (up to 10 pages)
  • Web content SEO on the Runet (Russian-language Internet) — 3 months SEO support

Package “Welcome to Runet”* — from €1,690.00

The package provides a 6-month program for creating, supporting and SEO promotion of your Internet resource in Russian

Welcome to RuNet

The package includes the following services:

Position No Service description

Amount of work per unit

1. Your website localization — a high-quality translation of strategically meaningful content into Russian considering all the peculiarities of the Russian mentality and Russian business culture

The price of other number of pages is calculated according to the standard rate of translation in the language pair with extra charges for the text editing and literary adaptation

10 pp. 50 pp. 100 pp. and more
€110,00 €510,00 €1,000.00 (further discount of 10%)
2. SEO content and support of the website Russian version (including texting as editor). Including processing and publication of photos and other materials. The texts will be created by a technically literate copywriter approved by you

The minimum period for the service maximum efficiency is 6 months

1 post a week (for 6 months). 2 posts a week (for 6 months). 4 postsa week (for 6 months).
€400,00 €780,00 €1.450,00
3. Promotion of a newly launched resource in Russian/of a website version in the RuNet (by the search words you set)



4. Administrating of paid-for advertisements in Google and Yandex search engines



5. A Russian-speaking  expert on handling website requests

(The texts translation — except for multipage applications (more than 1 page/1,800 characters with spaces) to the letters — the translation of such documents is made by agreement with the customer according to the standard language translation rate)

This is your remote employee who promptly handles all requests from the websitein Russian: translates them into English (or your language), sorts them out for customers, projects; filter out spam and off topic

1month of work

(8-hour day/6 working days a week, considering time zone)

3 months of work (8-hour day/6 working days a  week, considering time zone) 6 months of work

(8-hour day/6 working days a week, considering time zone)

€550,00 €1.500,00 €2.900,00

*The list of services included in the package may be adjusted depending on your marketing policies and budget