Agent network

Working through one or several local agents is an important step of the way to the Russian market. There are some principle advantages in working via a Russian resident agency:

  • No language barrier;
  • Self-standing accounting and optimized taxation;
  • Local management of legal issues and office workflow, both monitored by our foreign customer;
  • Easy and cost-effective marketing and advertizing;
  • Personnel management.

What is W2R for customers?

First we scan the sought for market sector, find Russian companies potentially able to become our customer’s agents and promote the products in Russia. Then, according to the nominees’ business performance stats, we select the best meeting our customer’s requirements.
Then we help with agency agreements, translation & localization of advertising and technical documents, foreign trade formalities, logistics and supplies, order processing and other workflow issues.

What is W2R for agents?

To ensure efficient cooperation between the customer and supplier, agent needs to be fully prepared. W2R team, in its turn, offers complete package of services for agency office workflow optimization.

  • Agent’s website support;
  • Language support for agents / dealers;
  • Translation of reports;
  • Marketing support for agents / dealers;
  • Accounting;
  • Legal advisory and consulting;
  • HR optimization;
  • Workflow and office automation;
  • Memos according to customer approved exhibition calendar;
  • Collective exhibition stands shared with Russian representatives;
  • Realtime translation of customer’s periodical publications (information circulars, news, event reports, hot offers);
  • Training seminars and workshops for you Russian agents’ staff. Team building event management.

W2R Agent network