Exporter’s starting kit and consumer environment scanning

Before launching a large-scale advertising campaign you need to provide yourself with the W2R starting kit of communication materials in Russian. Although the set of tools is standard, its components are custom-made to suit particular purposes.

In Russia, supplier’s credibility is influenced largely by reputation, richness of history and sizable project reference list. We will create such presentation of your business in the Russian language — with emphasis laid on your strengths and significant milestones of your brand’s background. Let your target sector know of your commitment, QC policy and development program!

Starting kit contains:

  • PDF company outline or PowerPoint presentation in Russian
  • Equally usable via email and at meetings with customers. Our experienced copywriters will create attractive texts that meet crucial requirements of target addressees. Of course, the design will be adapted to your corporate identity.

  • Priced product catalogue (in Russian)
  • This is your primary business tool. While the outline above presents your company, the Russian-language catalogue provides clear view of your production capacity or service range.

  • Proposal in Russian
  • Your commercial offer created by a professional copywriter will surely hit the bull’s eye.

  • Distribution of communications (set of advertising aids) to a large number of target Russian companies (100 or more emails) with prior call
  • Thanks to our W2R call center we can reach the decision-makers skipping secretarial switchboards and voicemail machines. Russian managers would prefer to answer a respectful call rather than get loads of email spam.